Audioserver jetzt mit Apple AirPlay2

12. Januar 2021|In Neuigkeiten, Loxone|0 Comments|1 Minutes

Loxone hat heute ein neues Update für den Audio Server veröffentlicht. In der Version ist unter anderem die Unterstützung für Apple AirPlay2 mit an Board. Die komplette Fixlist finden Sie hier:


  • Audioserver Zones as Apple AirPlay2 Receiver Feature added


  • AUDIO1-I1319 fix playlist add browseable not working with tracks not available in market
  • AUDIO1-I1362 Spotify Temporary error when not playing should blocked
  • AUDIO1-I1388 fix playeventfile command
  • AUDIO1-I1381 rename playlists and update caches
  • AUDIO1-I1368 delete roomfavs of spotify users deleted from AS
  • prepare errortts property from config
  • fixes for spotify timeouts when oauth token needs refetches
  • tts can not override tts (TTS volume slider), sometimes hangs in tts
  • renewed NAS check for SMB1/SMB2 detection
  • handle Spotify Repeat Modes
  • fix library crashing on startup when comms not possible
  • fixed crash of launcher when not issuing a description for techreports
  • techreport fast user interaction feedback (looks like stalled before)
  • add Sysinfo for techreport more readable
  • improved overall stability of comms
  • fixed playeventfile command
  • show IP and Port of Stream server when playing tunein (audio/X/status)
  • after AS Restart, pending AirPlay states will be dropped and old state recovered

Weitere Infos finden Sie auf:

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